Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dioramas from Berendo Middle School in L.A.

Denise Taylor, contacted me via my website. Turns out she teaches at Berendo Middle School in Los Angeles and is using my book, BLUE in her classroom. The students made dioramas and wanted to post them on this site. I'm thrilled! Here they are. Click on the individual pics to see the great details.
Wow!  Someone made some really cool trees!  My husband could use these for his model railroad layout.

 Ann Fay's house and garden.  She's working, of course!

 Hanging out by the creek with Baker's Mountain 
in the background.
 Honeycutt house with family working in the garden. But Bobby is lying down!  Uh, oh.. .

Obviously Bobby is sick and his dog Pete is concerned.

The Emergency Polio Hospital 
I love the details in this view of the hospital.

It's always fun peeking inside of buildings.  
Here I see hospital staff and also some beds and hanging curtains for privacy.

There's a description on this diorama that isn't all visible but here's the part I can read.  
"Ann Fay and her family in the ceremony for Bobby. Ann Fay's mom couldn't afford a bigger funeral than what they had so they buried Bobby next to their house. This event really touch this family's heart, knowing it was their last good-bye to Bobby."  
 Another view of the funeral.  
Love the detail of the musical notes to depict the song they sangwhich by the way, was "Amazing Grace."

Thanks to Denise Taylor and her students for the lovely interpretations of my story.  

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